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With the ever increasing demand for high quality chemical free food in the world, the commercial Hog Industry has been developing newer, more efficient, animal and people friendly methods of raising Hogs to satisfy the demands of the end consumer. At Reliance Pork we proudly support and promote the use of NEDAP Velos production systems. 

Learn more about NEDAP by open the link in the drop down menu above. The following is a short extract from NEDAP's website: 

Nedap livestock management

Due to increasing population and prosperity the demand for milk and meat is rising. Simultaneously requirements to the quality and safety are stricter, and costs of raw materials, labor and energy is rising. In response to the challenges the producers are facing Nedap has been supplier of the precise technological solutions that facilitates sustainable growth, for almost 40 years. Feeding, separating, sorting and heat detection;  with technology  based on Electronic Animal Identification Nedap makes individual animal care and monitoring of production and health conditions easier. This saves valuable time and creates peace and overview. Allowing you to manage your costs and increase profits. Furthermore, it makes individual animal care manageable.  Nedap.     Vital element for growth.

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