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Organizational Chart


For the farrowing house, we are looking for individuals who enjoy working with newborns. The Farrowing Caretaker role will be to assist sows and piglets from birth and for the following three weeks until weaning. Due to the nature of the tasks in the farrowing house, we need people that are detail-oriented and have the knowledge and ability to assist and help nurture the sows and newborn piglets. Work in the farrowing house is fast paced and requires your total concentration, but is very rewarding as you watch the newborns grow.

For the gestation barn we need dynamic individuals who have lots of patience and the ability to train animals in using the feeding system. Work in the gestation barn requires a high level of attention to detail. In the gestation barn you will be trained in the art of artificial insemination, use of the computerized feeding system, and tracking the well-being of the individual animals.

Working at Reliance Pork requires a team approach. Each task is tied to what those around you are doing.  We invite you to inquire about being part of our team!

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